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Executive Committee Meetings and Minutes

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MAHB Bylaws and Governance Articles and Commentary

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As MAHB is a non-profit charitable organization,  the PC – FIN State/Audit, PC – Form PC/Annual RPT and Form IRS are all publicly available online by going to the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General website.  You may access those records going back to the year 2000

by Clicking Here and entering Federal Tax ID (FEIN): 04-2774252

in the Search Box

or by clicking directly on the MASS ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH BOARDS, INC. 

Row Name of Charitable Organization AG Account Number FEIN

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MAHB Audit Reports

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MAHB Form 990

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MAHB Annual Reports

All MAHB corporate report filings (Annual Reports, Articles of Amendments, and Articles of Organization(, can be found on the Massachusetts Corporations Division website by Clicking Here

MAHB Annual Reports can also be accessed below:  

2002_MAHB_Annual_Report    2003_MAHB_Annual_Report     2004_MAHB_Annual_Report     2005_MAHB_Annual_Report     2006_MAHB_Annual_Report     2007_MAHB_Annual_Report 2008_MAHB_Anuual_Report    2009_MAHB_Annual_Report     2010_MAHB_Annual_Report     2011_MAHB_Annual_Report     2012_MAHB_Annual_Report     2013_MAHB_Annual_Report 2014_MAHB_Annual_Report     2015_MAHB_Annual_Report    2016_MAHB_Annual_Report     2017_MAHB_Annual_Report     2018_MAHB_Annual_Report     2019_MAHB_Annual_Report    2020_MAHB_Annual_Report    2021_MAHB_Annual_Report  2022_MAHB_Annual_Report

2020_MAHB_Anuual_Report 2021_MAHB_Anuual_Report 2021_MAHB_Anuual_Report

MAHB Other Documents

Commentary on Compensation of Members, Officers and Directors

Reflections on Compensation of Members, Officers and Directors

The bylaws clearly lay out rules governing compensation to members, officers, or members of the executive committee. The language found at Article I, Section 8 governing compensation and expenses has remained the same since the original enacted bylaws.[1] That provision states:

“8. Compensation and expenses:  Members shall not receive any stated salary for their services as such, but the Executive Committee shall have the power and authority, in its exclusive discretion, to contract for and to pay members compensation for unusual or special services rendered to the Association, provided that any compensation shall be reasonable and appropriate to the value of the services rendered by the member.” [1] In the original Bylaws, this provision was found at Article I, section7, but with the addition of the “Sponsoring Member” category in 1988, all numbering changed after that new entry.

To read the entire article click here: Commentary on Compensation_MAHB v2